At The Sparks Group, we create customized executive coaching, change management, and leadership development solutions. We focus on growing skills and capacity while sparking meaningful change in leaders, teams, and organizations.

We can help your organization:

  • Deliver the full business benefits of the initiatives you undertake.
  • Develop leadership capacity to navigate increased demands and responsibilities.
  • Build organizational capacity for transformation, enabling faster and more effective change.
  • Avoid employee overload, unproductive behavior, and costly mistakes.
  • Align culture to engage employees and deliver on business strategy.

Executive Coaching

1:1 Coaching – This discovery-based process offers clients the lead role in finding creative solutions. It is effective for growing leadership capacity because it is customized to the client and supported over a meaningful period of time.

Group Coaching – We integrate elements of traditional leadership development and executive coaching to create a sustained experience for 8-10 people. Participants benefit from assessments, peer coaching, and 1:1 time with an executive coach.

Team Coaching – Akin to an executive coaching engagement, team coaching is optimal for an intact team. The coach rides along with the team as they do their work, building in time for coaching as needs arise. A truly powerful intervention for teams charged with high stakes mandates.

Change Management

Portfolio – How many changes are happening right now? Most organizations have more than one change occurring simultaneously, yet they are managed one at a time. If you want to deliver across the board, it’s imperative to use an enterprise view.

Culture – What is culture, and how do you work with it? If you’re undertaking transformational change, chances are you need to look at your culture as well. We help you create a tangible and transparent culture so your changes are sustained instead of derailed.

People – Do you understand what your employees think and why they act as they do? Effective change management goes beyond teaching and telling. Understand the human dynamics of change to ensure your employees help the effort, not hurt it.

Leadership Development

Great companies start with great leaders. Through several core offerings, we can work with you to create a custom solution to empower and advance your leadership.

  • Mastering Leadership: It’s How You Think, Not What You Know
  • Coaching Skills for Leaders: Grow Your People
  • Resilience: Conquer the Chaos
  • Team Synergy for Breakthrough Results
  • Change Management: More Than Training & Communication
  • Change Management: Deep Dive

Jody Feldman, ACMP Global Conference Chair, 2014-2015

"Jessica was our highest rated speaker at Change Management 2014, the annual Global Conference of the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP). She clearly connected with the audience and delivered value to an audience of over 200."

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