Change is the only constant.

At The Sparks Group, we know that change is an opportunity. When it’s time to take the next step in your career, in leadership, or within your organization, we think you should have the support you need. Jessica Bronzert offers foundational guidance to achieve the change you’re looking for.


Alison Farmer, Vice President Talent Acquisition & Development, Aquent

"While I'm not privy to what happens in Jessica's coaching conversations with my employees, I definitely see the results. She's helped one of my top performers move beyond simply technical skill development to target personal growth areas in a way that's had a huge impact on her success, confidence and - I believe - happiness. While I'd love to be able to do this personally for each of my employees, sometimes as a manager I'm spread too thin - or am too close to the situation - to coach without bias. I love that Jessica has been able to hop in and help partner with me in the development of my people!"

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